Conowingo HRC

The Conwingo Hunting Retriever Club (CHRC)is a part of the national Hunting Retriever Club, Inc (HRC) which was formed under the umbrella of the United Kennel Club, Inc (UKC). The club operates under The CHRC, HRC, and UKC, bylaws.

The CHRC provides a much needed location for the true hunting retriever in the coastal Mid-Atlantic area. Named after Conowingo Lake, the Club is located near where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay.

CHRC is devoted to maintaining the inherent working abilities of all Retrievers, with the motto "Conceived by Hunters for Hunters".

Staying true to the motto, CHRC events are no-nonsense true to life training and testing situations where gun dog owners and family train, learn, and test their dogs a field. The club is dedicated to helping handlers of all ages and abilities to work to develop their dog’s natural hunting skills.

Friendships made through the CHRC membership enhances private group training towards achieving an accomplished hunting retriever. Novices are encouraged to seek those in the club with more experience.

To facilitate these friendships and group training, the CHRC holds monthly training sessions on the 4th Sunday of most months, weather permitting.

CHRC also holds Spring and Fall HRC Hunt Tests providing four opportunities to test and earn champion points towards titles on your dog. For each hunt test weekend, the CHRC provides a Saturday Night Dinner, where you are able to meet new people with a common hunting retriever bond.

A membership with CHRC gets you discounts during training days, information about upcoming events, and access to knowledge and experience from a wide variety of handlers.