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How Do I Register my AKC Registered Dog with the UKC.

If you have already registered your dog with the AKC but not the UKC, you will need to register it with the UKC if you want your dog to obtain HRC Titles. Here is how you do it.

    1. Here are the instructions for online registration.

    2. You will need your AKC registration certificate in a pdf or jpeg file.

    3. You will need a copy of your dog's AKC pedigree (can be obtained from the AKC for a fee) or (copies of the dog's Dam and Sire's AKC pedigrees which you should be able to obtain from your breeder for free). These copies should be in pdf or jpg file format.

    4. You will need three color pictures of your dog. One photo should be taken of each side of the dog and one from the front. The dog must be standing in all photos. The photos must be clear enough to see all distinguishing marks the dog may have and the tail must also be clearly visible. Photos must be in a jpeg or PDF file format. [These are the guidelines if not exact for pics you should be ok].

    5. When registering your dog's name with the UKC you are limited to 3o characters including spaces. If you registered your dog under the AKC with more than 30 characters you will need to abbreviate your dogs name for example:

            • the AKC Name "Birchcreek Cowboy Tiger Lilly Mac" is abbreviated to: "Birchcrk Cowboy Tigr Lilly Mac"

    6. You will have to do the same when identifying the names of the dogs in your dog's pedigree. For example:

            • the name Birchcreek and Iowapointinglabs Kodiak Cody is abbreviated to BIRCHCRK IA PNTG LBS KDK CODY.

            • Do your best to abbreviate . There is no set way to do it.

            • Once you have these items, you can register by clicking here to register your dog with the UKC online.

    7. A completed online form is attached for your review. Click Here

How do I become a Member of the HRC

To become a member of the UKC HRC, all you need to do is to purchase a magazine subscription with the HRC by clicking here and selecting the Hunting Retriever Magazine and Membership. In addition to registering your dog with the UKC, you will need to become a member of the HRC if you want to obtain UKC HRC titles for your dog.