Conowingo HRC

Becoming a Member of the Conowingo HRC

The Conowing HRC is affiliated with the United Kennel Club (UKC) an organization similar to the American Kennel Club (the "AKC").

To become a member of the Conowingo HRC, the following is needed

    • You have interest in participating in Conowingo HRC's goals and objectives.
    • You acquire two member sponsors.
    • You have filled out the form [click here to download form].
    • You have mailed it to the address on the form; or you can email it by clicking here; .
    • Once approved, there will be yearly dues. Current yearly dues -$25.oo single, $35.00 family
    • Note: members are required to commit to assisting with Hunt Tests two weekends a year. The more members assisting, the less work needed for the members.